Supermarket and distribution chains

On the supermarket shelves, products such as: toasted, snacks, raw or caramelized can be found packed from 100g to 125g, while jars with dried products range from 200g to 250g. Occasionally large packages of 200g to 500g can be found.

Conventional and BIO (organic) products are usually packaged in 125g.

The packaging can be: 10% recycled plastic, glass jar or cardboard box.

Our products – of all types: raw, toasted, snack, caramelized, dried… – are offered in supermarkets and large stores, both conventional and BIO.

All our products are packed from 100 to 200 grams, the most popular line being 125g. 

Fruits Secs Torra has no stock, meaning that, when a supermarket places an order, we immediately start production and within 4 days everything is packed and delivered. Only 4 days after production the product is in the supermarket ensuring its freshness. 

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