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Fruits Secs Torra

Fruits Secs Torra is a small family-owned company dedicated to the toasting, packaging and distribution of nuts for over 40 years. We guarantee the highest quality in our products, and it is precisely our quality that makes the difference with other brands in the industry.

At Fruits Secs Torra we make it in the traditional way. We toast nuts with firewood, as we have been doing for generations, using the old ancestral recipe that does the toasting at medium with an unmistakable flavor.

Our premise is to obtain the highest quality, which is not only achieved with great effort and constant work but also with a strong knowledge of the product itself. It allows us to collect only the optimal nuts highlighted in all processes, from cultivation to harvest, treatment, packaging and distribution. 


At Fruits Secs Torra all the products have been fully packaged in a computer-controlled way, guaranteeing the weight accuracy of each bag.
Our packaging is transparent, so the customer can appreciate the high quality of the product before buying it.
Transparent package is a sign of our committed regarding the high-quality of our products.

Our packaging’s are: fully-recyclable plastic bag, glass jar, cardboard box or vacuum pack.


Our call-center service is led by sales support who call customers within 7 or 14 days in order to take notes on their needs and within 48 hours the fresh product is shipped to the final destination.

We distribute all our products to Supermarkets, Food chains, self-service, local shops…

We also have a more accurate quality product, to supply bakeries, restaurants, hotels and the whole Horeca industry.

Artisanal methods

In-house production

From the beginning, at Fruits Secs Torra are committed to quality, so we use the wood-fired oven like our grandparents did, slowly toasted and just one ingredient at a time – the firewood used comes from sustainable forests and is certified ENSCAT Nº 2876-PR.

Snack products are also traditionally made with premium vegetable oils. We are very careful with the oils, we do not add chemicals or filter them to prolong their use, and instead the oil is changed after a time and prudent use. Used oil is collected by an authorized waste manager for recycling.

Data and quality

Our nuts come from different countries depending on the climate and the productions. Below we give you an idea of what these countries are but the consumption of Catalonian products (mostly almonds and hazelnuts) represents the highest percentage.

We also provide data on the different tastes or manufacturing segments, and the percentage of organic products.

*(data extracted from the 2020 financial year).


The origin of our products

The artisanal process data

Firewood toasted
Salted for appetizers

Large Logistical team

Our manufacturing model is “just in time” which allows us to deliver the product at any point in Catalonia or Balearic Islands just a few hours after the product has been made.

Within 36 hours the fresh product can be delivered to distribution chains and supermarkets all over Catalonia and Balearic Islands, so the customer gets a freshly product thanks to our logistics team.

Our facilities


Company history

IN 1972, GABRIEL TORRA NADAL and FILOMENA VENDRELL TOMÀS started selling nuts in weekly markets. This was the first family contact with the world of nuts.

IN 1981, the first automatic packaging / weighing machine was purchased, and the nuts were packaged under the “TORRA” brand. The basement of the family home was adapted as a small packaging industry.

IN 1982-1983 two nuts stores were opened in the municipal market of Igualada and Vilafranca del Penedès, respectively.



GABRIEL TORRA and FILO VENDRELL started selling nuts in weekly markets.


JORDI TORRA VENDRELL began roasting nuts and packaging them.


In December, relocate to Jorba in a larger facility with more production capacity


Third family generation is incorporated to the family business, who led the company to the export trade. More than a million kilos of product are currently being processed in our facilities.

IN 1985, JORDI TORRA VENDRELL began roasting and making nuts having to expand the activity on the ground and first floor of the family house in Igualada, with a total of approximately 290 sq meters. Also delivery vehicles were incorporated.

Fruits Secs Torra

IN 1990 we moved to a larger industrial facility, located in Jorba, with 600 square meters . 5 packing machines and 2 toasters were incorporated.

IN 2017, the facilities were expanded to 2,300 sq m approximately. The packing line was up to 15 , 1 vacuum sealed jar packaging line, 1 tin packaging line , 1 mesh packaging line, 1 bucket packaging line, 7 toasting machines.

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